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Sometimes we inherit things we never saw coming. Maybe its better that way we go into the situation blind folded instead of fully aware. It leaves little room for second guessing and more room for listening to your gut intuition. Maybe life should have more decisions made this way. Straight forward and precise, honest and direct. No wasted time on calculating the consequences or thinking about all the possible scenarios of something working out or why it wouldn’t. This is life and its at your front door take it or ask questions and watch it slip away. Sure we have our doubts and never liked being proved wrong but that’s the hidden beauty in it. What if it turns out amazing what if it works, what if you stumble upon something you thought only exist in movies? I would never wanna manipulate someone into feeling a certain way for me even if I could because I want those feelings to be there on their own. I want them to be real, if they develop over time that’s fine too I just don’t wanna forcefully drag them out of a person. I want to be loved. I think receiving that from someone who sees me for who I am and responds to that by falling for me would be exceptional. Maybe its all part of gods divine plan or maybe shit just happens and we roll with the punches. I like to think it’s a little of both. You never know where life is going to take you but along the way there are dots that are connected and when its all said done looking back no person could have ever predicted the pattern of all their dots. If you could be born and the next day see yourself at 80 years old and just study a big map on everything you went through and everywhere you been in those 80 years you would be shocked and blown away as to what your looking at. Hell most people would probably be shocked if they did this within a 5-10 year span. Now every now and again we fall into a difficult dilemma. Its one of life’s most prudent problems. We want what we cant have. Or its always the case somebody wants you but you don’t want that person back and the one you want so desperately doesn’t know you exist. Or maybe they notice you but don’t want to get close, maybe its you and your not what they hoped for or maybe its them and there just plain scared. Fear is inevitable in life and relationships. Nobody wants to go through a heartbreak nobody wants to waste there efforts on a person who isn’t worth it in the end. But maybe this person is truly special maybe their a blessing in disguise and you haven’t got the slightest clue what he or she brings to the table. Maybe in the end you’ll never know what could’ve been because fear took control. Time will pass and you’ll ask yourself questions and maybe beat yourself up over it. Did you let fear prevent you from being happy with someone who very well may have been the one? People do it every day but we all cross paths for a reason one way or another and in the end our choices mold our entire lives. Food for thought, sleep on that..